Our history

The initiative to provide material and spiritual support to the most needy children emerged in the year 1970 thanks to a group of altruistic and socially responsible entrepreneurs led by Dr. Francisco Rojas, who invited to join Doctors Julio Arias Roldán – who was Mayor of Medellín in 1949 – Tulio Ospina, Rafael Peláez, Javier Toro, Alberto Olarte and Constantino Martínez.

On October 19, 1970, the “Campaign of the Million Don Bosco Dorm Room for Minors” was born in Medellín in order to pay attention to children who were beginning to venture into street activities. Since the Colombian Institute of Family Well-being (ICBF) was recently formed, our strategic alliance with this entity was started. To date, this union is strengthened and revitalized with the objective of adapting to the needs of the children that are the object of our Act.

In 1986, the organization redirected its strategy from being a bedroom for children in a street situation to being a protection institution, in order to provide comprehensive care to the beneficiaries in the form of boarding school, also changing its name to “Programin “. During the following years, the institution specialized in dealing with the problem of abuse and neglect that became increasingly acute in the city, and in 1994, on the initiative of children and adolescents, changed its corporate name by the name of Corporation Superarse.

After multiple analyzes of the social reality, Corporation Superarse began its work in the field of prevention through an agreement with the Rotary Club for the care of girls in the modality of Externado and for 2005 it was possible to consolidate the proposal of preventive care in the alternating day to the school to provide support to children in situations of high psychosocial risk in alliance with the Ximena Rico Foundation. Program that evolves permanently strengthening its pedagogical, artistic component and growth in the social network for the benefit of the children.


Thanks to the trust placed by the media in the Corporación Superarse, in 2010, the alliance with the Municipality of Medellín was formalized in order to administer the Boys Pass Homes for children and adolescents. This experience is a pioneer at the national level and since its inception, it has presented excellent results as an effective alternative for the immediate and provisional attention of the population in situation of threat or violation of rights. In the same year, Corporación Superarse also embarked on the program of community libraries as a preventive alternative to work with children through play and art.

In 2011 the Civic Forum Foundation belonging to the Presidency of the Nation granted the Corporation the national prize for human rights.

In 2012 Corporación Superarse obtained a rating of 100% guaranteed by the ICBF, symbol of the quality and integrality in the attention to the beneficiaries, new projects were developed directed to graduates and to the families of the beneficiaries, with the intention to prepare them for a “Autonomous Life” and to offer alternatives of entrepreneurship and independence to families.

For 2013, the inauguration and consequent launch of the new headquarters in Prado-Centro is carried out, which has made it possible to expand the attention and coverage through the Ludoteca and Preparación para la Autónoma programs that operate in this office.

In the same year, a new Wardrobe was opened in this venue, which generated important resources to contribute to the financing of institutional programs and projects, as well as direct benefit to the community in the sector.