Our projects

Fundación II _30 (2)

If you want to invest in one of our project, fell free to contact us. 

Preparation for an autonomous life.
This project was born with the aim of pursuing the cycle of care of our graduates. We offer educational programs and students accompanying in order to enable our youth to achieve autonomy, while we contribute to close the poverty gap that exists in Colombia.

Friendly Families – Sopetrán Antioquia
We actively train and encourage families in Sopetran municipality (Antioquia) to commit with sharing time and caring our children during the student recess (June and December) We believe that the internal dynamism of a family would be profitable to the children. This project is supported by the Isolde Kurz Gymnasium in Germany.

Children and adolescents in the Web
Through this project, we aim to provideCorporation Superarse´s  children and adolescents, an access to information technologies and communications in order  to strengthen their skills and competencies.

For more information contact us in (574) 2694110 or comunicaciones@corporacionsuperarse.org