In the Ludoteca de Superarse we offer a pedagogical space and use of free time in order to prevent psychosocial risks through the development of resilience, self-esteem and empowerment.

Since 2010, the Corporation has been implementing its program to play as a space for play, recreation, healthy socialization, play and use of leisure time. With the proposal of permanent and itinerant toy library, alternatives are sought to be, grow and learn in relation to others.

Based on the positive experience at the Bomboná headquarters, it was decided to implement a new toy library in the Prado Centro neighborhood with the aim of expanding coverage and social impact and strengthening users’ life projects away from risk and vulnerability situations.


En el 2012 se beneficiaron de nuestra ludoteca 350 usuarios.

Our strategic allies in the development of this program are: Sofía Perez de Soto Foundation, Chocolates National, Homecenter, Induherzig and World Group.

Entities served in the Ludoteca de Superarse

Early Childhood: Children’s Homes: Simón El Mago, Alfonso López Pumarejo, La Casa del Camino, Camino de Amor, El Recreo, Albergue Infantil Antioqueño and Fundación Ximena Rico.

Second Childhood: Casa Mamá Margarita, Corporación Hogar and Camino de Esperanza y Progreso.